Tips For Training A Puppy

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Tips For Training A Puppy

I hope you’re ready to enjoy a fun experience. To become a team, you and your puppy will have to learn a few of the basic skills. For the puppy to turn into the dog you want him to become, he will have to be molded. A well trained puppy is a joy to be around.

The Reward System

The reward system for training your puppy is by far the most positive method. Finding the right treat for you puppy should be fairly simple. Little cut up pieces of hot dogs treats are used most. A lot of praise and love is another reward that should be freely given. Staying up beat and positive is very important to remember for keeping your puppy happy.

Your puppy will learn to sit, down and heel as these are three basic commands. To keep control of your puppy, these commands will be very important. When your well trained puppy begins to listen to you, different social situations will be much easier to handle.

Ten to 15 minutes sessions at the beginning will be enough because they are just puppies. It won’t be long before you will gradually lengthen the training sessions.

The Leash And Your Puppy

Leash training your puppy will begin by holding your treats in your left hand and the leash in your right, just hold the treat in front of your puppy’s nose. Using your happy voice, say the puppy’s name, then say heel. The best way to keep the puppy walking beside you is with lots of encouragement and treats. Give the leash a gentle tug while holding the treat in front of the puppy if he stops. The puppy will eventually become accustomed to the leash and collar.

Teaching The Sit

Holding the treat in front of the puppy’s nose and then bringing the treat up and over his head, the pup should sit, this is the best method.

Every time you practice this, use the word sit. Every once in a while, if you’re watching TV or reading a book, go ahead and take one or two minutes to practice the sit.

Teaching The Down

To begin teaching the puppy the down, he should first be sitting, then while holding the treat by his nose, bring your hand all the way down then forward. Always use the command down when you begin in the downward motion with the food.

To train your puppy, you will need to stay consistant. Don’t worry if it seems like it is taking a little longer for your pup to get the hang of it, he will. What we’re after is for the puppy to do these things with all verbal commands. Remember, stay happy and upbeat, you will see results soon. A happy puppy is a well trained puppy.

Training your puppy will be one of the best investments that you will ever make.
You can learn more here dog training tips.

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