Training a puppy to Sit up and Beg: Clicker Training Tricks

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Filed under Puppy Training Video Twix is working on sitting pretty! It is a work in progress, but he did his first balanced sit pretty today and it is only our …
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4,5 men. juodas labradoro retriverio suniukas atlieka pagrindines komandas ir triukus 🙂 4,5 months old Labrador retriever puppy basic home training and tricks.


25 Responses to “Training a puppy to Sit up and Beg: Clicker Training Tricks”
  1. kikopup says:

    that was awesome!!! 🙂 it took splash so long to build the muscles in her
    back for this trick! 🙂

  2. melissa2ea says:

    @pamelamarxsen Same works for my dog too Pam. Especially if you have a dog
    that is familiar with the clicker, you can tell they understand “yes! I’m
    being rewarded for exactly what I’m doing now!”. But I agree, whatever
    works for your dog. Just like children, not all of them learn in the exact
    same way. As long as it’s kept positive and fun! 🙂 Twix looks awesome!!
    He’s pretty big!

  3. Shortstakes Tran says:

    Is it possible to teach this trick without a clicker? my puppies get
    freaked out by the sound of the clicker and always run away. They didn’t
    like the sound when I was trying to get them to associate that the sound =

  4. watchmoivies123 says:

    Oh I love this! Can I see the other one do it too? VERY NICE!! Kim

  5. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @addictedclickerdogz Well, a lot of people do only click once or just rapid
    fire treats to keep the dog in the one position. However, sometimes I will
    continue clicking and treating to keep the dog in that position longer.
    Once he understands the position and starts to hold it longer, I will space
    out the click/treat and move my hand away from his mouth. I really do not
    think that there is a right or wrong way, many would not like my method of
    continuous click/treat, but it works for my dogs.

  6. TheRabbitgrace says:

    Nice training method! I taught pheobie how to do that based on high five, I
    like your way though, seems easier xD

  7. addictedclickerdogz says:

    quick question.. for this trick specifically, when you click numerous times
    within a very short period is that just to encourage what he’s doing? I’m
    asking because for this trick I was told to just click once but use our
    encouraging work ‘good’ instead of clicking.. He has gotten so big and
    beautiful, Pam!

  8. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    I don’t think you need him to lift his paw while he sits pretty. That just
    happens to be what Twix does. Bandit crosses his paws when he sits pretty
    and Isabelle moves her paws like she is trying to paw at the air with both
    paws. So, make that trick unique to your dog. I think it is best to let the
    dogs develop their own style and not be like other dogs. 🙂 I bet he is
    just darling no matter what! :))

  9. nicolebodea says:

    Great job! Again you amaze me! 🙂 When I get my future puppy the one I told
    you about on Facebook, we will be looking at your videos is awe! :PP Btw,
    did you wait to train this trick now that Twix is older and it doesn’t put
    that much strain on his hips? 🙂 great job!

  10. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @claudiahoyle I like the idea of clicking approximations as well! I think
    that shaping a behavior is awesome! Take care Claudia! Hope you have an
    amazing 2011!

  11. Macey Grover says:

    Hi there, So i have succeeded well with introducing the clicker tool – I
    have just begun training to ‘sit pretty’ and he is doing very well,
    however, i cannot get him to lift his left arm. Since he was a puppy, he
    has had to shake his right hand for his dinner… Is that the problem?

  12. Rickyagility says:

    Twix is doing a great job of balancing already! He learns everything so
    fast – such a clever boy!

  13. Lozii16 says:

    @pwindsor4 Hey 🙂 I have a Doberman that can do this! So i think that your
    Boxer would be able to as well. But it does depend on the dog…. 🙂 Give
    it a try 🙂

  14. Shortstakes Tran says:

    @stephennmcdonald Thanks for the suggestion, All of my dogs are now used to
    the clicker and learn at a reasonable pace 🙂

  15. natalia wasilewska says:

    0:17 what a serious face 😀 haha I love Twixxie, I can’t believe they grow
    up soo fast 🙂

  16. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @pwindsor4 I think that a boxer could sit pretty! You know your dogs
    best… I would say just keep working with him and have patience. If he
    does it that is awesome, but if not, it is not really that big of a deal.
    🙂 Just find another trick that he likes and wants to do. 🙂 Have a great
    day! Good Luck! Pam

  17. JessieTheJack says:

    Twix is doing so well! Great job! =)

  18. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @nataliawasilewska97 Thanks! I know, he always makes a serious face when he
    sits pretty. He is concentrating. HAHA! 🙂

  19. mollybrandybillly says:

    this is pretty cool ive never seen it taught with a clicker. i like the

  20. jordyquint says:

    He is doing amazing! (:

  21. Pam Reid says:

    Oh this looks great! I’ve been trying to teach my puppy (BC x Lab) this
    trick and she gets so excited about he food she just launches her butt off
    the ground. I like the idea of having her first balance on your arm though.
    I did try the high five method but didn’t get much success because my arms
    got all scratched up… Do you think a boxer could do this? My other dog
    seems pretty hopeless, he can’t even balance on my chest when I try with

  22. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @TheRabbitgrace Oh, I like the high five idea too! I think that there are
    so many ways to train a behavior. It is nice to have many ideas! Take care!

  23. Romeo & Juliet says:

    I’ve been having some problems teaching this! It’s going real slow – both
    my dogs don’t seem to have any balance! Lol! Got some good tips from your
    video – supporting with an arm to get them used to the position and using a
    treat they have to lick off the hand may speed things up abit! Thanks for
    another great video! 🙂

  24. Shortstakes Tran says:

    @pamelamarxsen Ok, thanks so much. I just thought that I’d need the clicker
    for this particular trick and it does seem to be more effective. I will
    work with the marking words.

  25. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @nicolebodea Thank you! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things your
    puppy will do when you get him or her! I did not really wait because of his
    hips, but that is actually a great reason to wait. I was just busy working
    on other stuff (socialization to people, places, and things mainly). Thank
    you so much for all your nice words about my videos and my dogs! Have a
    wonderful evening!

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