Training your Labrador Retriever young

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Labrador Retriever puppies sure are cute! This is my new puppy that I have had for less than 24 hours. He is only 9 weeks old. I am just checking out his des…

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22 Responses to “Training your Labrador Retriever young”
  1. xgdfela says:

    .. And where exactly is the training part?

  2. Dog Rookie says:

    that’s pretty impressive, thanks for the Video!

  3. JackTheLabDiaries says:

    My lab puppy won’t stop biting us,even though we have toys everywhere for
    him its so frustrating and painful. We can get angry and we really don’t
    want to be 🙁 Have u please please got any advice on how to stop him from
    biting/going for us while he’s doing it? Should we say leave it and reward
    him when he gets off us? What do we do when its hurting us, we usually have
    to pull/push him off but this can’t be good for him?? Please help, Em

  4. DoggRazor says:

    man, this dog has alot of potential. I cant wait to see what you will do
    with him. congrats!

  5. soyaz33 says:

    Wow that’s amazing!! How did you get it to do all that? It’s only doing all
    the things that come naturally to a Labrador retriever! Nice puppy but
    what’s the point in the clip?

  6. ItsMeOfficially says:


  7. Saloni S. says:

    Omg!! I have a black lab whose 10 weeks too!! Looks JUST like him!!

  8. Temceula Dog Training says:

    WOW… What a nice puppy… I can’t wait to see what he becomes after he
    knows that SIT MEANS SIT ! I have seen puppies start at his age and go
    through Sit Means Sit training and become Phenomenal dogs.. Keep up the
    good work!

  9. Garry Reynolds says:

    awesome puppy fred.

  10. Granny LaLa says:

    My pup looks full blood and is about 10-12 weeks old, the dad is full
    blood, the mom was catahoula mix. I bought a duck looking squeak toy and
    last night threw it. He ran after it and brought it to me. At first he held
    on to it but I pulled it gently away. Threw it again several times and he
    kept going after it, bring it to me. The last several times he would give
    it up to me without any problems. Going to keep doing this with him, also
    work on the usual commands of sit, stay, etc.

  11. Advanced K9 says:

    Great video! Developing drive in labs… Love it.

  12. Miljan Scekic says:

    Dude, your voice is the same as Marge Simpson :DD

  13. Bahnzo99 says:

    Mr. Hassen, after seeing some of your videos, I imagine you are going to
    train this little guy with a e-collar. I hope you post some of those
    training sessions. It would be great to see how you train a dog that is
    unfamiliar with collar at a younger age. There are no trainers in my area
    who use e-collars and I have a 9 month lab mix, who fallows commands very
    well on a training lead (even when the lead is not in hand). When off lead
    he quickly loses interest and a e-collar seems appropriate.

  14. bunny says:

    my little lab 12 week… jst like this..

  15. Darin Shepherd says:

    Nice pup. Looking forward to seeing his progression in future videos.

  16. Zale Neton says:

    got mine at 7 weeks old mine was a black and white one

  17. chandni shiek says:

    i have one question infact i need a help i try many times to teach my
    female lab but it never learns. like if i throw a frisbee or rubber ball it
    just takes it into her mouth and starts biting it she doesnt give it back
    so how must i teach her to give that things back to me when i throw to her

  18. NatanelYaHu . says:

    just got mine 7 weeks old she wants to mouth everything

  19. Steven Pinterpe says:

    So where is the training?

  20. ChillyAndClover says:

    So cute! Good luck with him, I’m sure you’ll turn him into a fantastic dog.

  21. Ciara Kidney says:

    The thing is I’m getting a puppy but I’m going back to school and I can’t
    spend time in the morning but I will spend e rest of the day from four o
    clock ish on is that ok ?

  22. WhiteFire391 says:

    What about school?

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