Ultra Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct! ® The Best Pads Just Got Better!

April 25, 2015 by  
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Watch Mednet Ultra Puppy Pads® in action as they soak up 1 cup of liquid and the floor stays DRY! Ultra pads contain SAP – so they absorb faster with NO Run-Off! See why Mednet has sold…

I'm a Puppy, and It's Embarrassing

Are you a puppy? Have you ever been embarrassed or gotten in trouble by an accident that you have created? Then Hartz ® Home Protection™ Training Pads are the solution for you! Cure those…
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25 Responses to “Ultra Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct! ® The Best Pads Just Got Better!”
  1. Michael DeLorenzo says:

    I have always hated TV, commercials, and all that jazz. Went 10 years
    without a TV… But this is pure gold. =D

  2. NeravairaTheThird says:

    “Where you can pee without getting punched” Really cute ad apart from that
    line, which was downright inappropriate and simply shouldn’t have been put

  3. Politicalboxers says:

    The boxers had an accident yesterday.

  4. Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

    Adorable puppy! Cute commercial. : )

  5. bjmensz says:

    @neravairathethird “without getting punished”

  6. ninbroken52 says:


  7. Wervie says:

    And with this the puppies get used to pee inside the house. Really smart!!!

  8. Tarantul121292 says:

    i have to buy one for myself

  9. TheInvisibleVeil says:

    @neravairathethird I think the line was “without getting PUNISHED”; not
    punched. ^^;

  10. Princess Star Butterfly says:

    Those are some good side effects.

  11. AlphaMugen says:

    That puppy is probably peeing in your house because it hates what you read

  12. Chargal4 says:

    @neravairathethird Actually, the line is “Where you can pee without getting

  13. megarouge2001 says:

    Absolute genius.

  14. hidenseeker424 says:


  15. lovemekp says:


  16. brucasis4ever says:

    @neravairathethird I think that was supposed to be “punished”

  17. slappy mouse says:

    0:48 rofl

  18. JosyCake says:

    “Dislike if you have no soul” SO funny:)

  19. brucasis4ever says:

    @0:32 Owner’s reading Eclipse? Maybe that’s why puppy pees on the bed….

  20. EMDGEE says:

    this is such a cute commercial!

  21. aHumbleDragon says:

    LMAO! “Subscribe if you like puppies. Like if you think these puppies are
    cute. Dislike if you have no soul.”

  22. Julie Morillo says:

    hilarious! <3 it!

  23. eu dis er says:

    Well actually now I’m full grown, but I used to be a puppy

  24. NeravairaTheThird says:

    @Chargal4 OH. Good.

  25. Flipside says:

    How bout learn to crate train?

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